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What is Flow Yoga?

Flow Yoga offers a practice where you can release struggle, stress, and fear.  Have fun.  Let go of your day.  Connect to your body.  Experience yoga.  Move with breath.  Find your flow!  Loren Hardy, founder of Flow Yoga CT, has created a unique brand of yoga designed to meet the needs of all yogis, from first time students to fellow teachers and experienced practitioners.  Flow Yoga is based on vinyasa yoga, which is roughly translated to mean breath linked movement.  In Flow classes, each movement is coordinated seamlessly to the breath with smooth, dance-like transitions between each asana (pose).  There is a feeling and purpose behind each sequence of movements to “flow” together, to bring you to a deeper place of connection to your body, your breath, to each present moment.  From a strong foundation of technical knowledge of asana, anatomy, history, and philosophy of yoga, Loren then teaches from the heart.  The beauty of Flow is that it can be slow and gentle, it can be foundational and informative, and it can also be amped up for a more moderate or powerful class.  It is accessible to any level of student and adaptable to any style of practice.  From your mat, you will find your innate and natural flow, a gift that you can take with you off your mat into your daily life!

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I look forward to meeting you and sharing a part of your yoga journey with you!


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